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Since 2012, Owner/CEO Angela Bonnell has been happily providing safe, reliable LUGGAGE SHUTTLING SERVICES along the GAP and the C&O Towpath (since 2019) for customers wanting an easier trip. 

Luggage Shuttling- It's What We Do
Our specialty is luggage and we do it very well!
Strap on your bike gear and get ready for an amazing ride full of wonderful memories with outstanding service, sunshine (figurative and possibly literal) and a whole lot of excellence all the way around.

EST. 2012


  • How it works: You simply place your luggage at your lodging each day (ie: Bed & Breakfasts, guest houses, motels, hotels) by 9 a.m. and it will be picked up and delivered before 5 p.m. Once you book your trip, specifics will be given to you in regards to each lodging's drop-off location. 

  • Your custom quote will be based on the towns you're staying in, as well as the number of bags being transported (carry-on is preferred = roughly 22" x 14" x 9"), with each bag weighing under 40 pounds. If you have a heavier or larger bag, let us know in advance and arrangements can be made. Extra charges will apply for oversized and overweight bags.

  • We transport bags, belongings, and gear to and from ANY town along the GAP and C&O.  

  • Your belongings will be safely and carefully shuttled from location to location so that they are ready upon your arrival. 

  • Multiple days' worth of quality shuttling is available as well.

Shuttles for people and bikes (through certified vendors) can be referred out.

Lodging, dining, and trip recommendations are included as part of the service if you book luggage shuttling- just ask.  : ) I do not get paid for trip-planning, so if you're interested in that kind of service, I will happily refer you to companies who specialize in trip planning.


Thank you for your interest and I hope to serve you soon!  


Interesting Fact:

Did you know that Luggage Shuttling is also called Baggage Transfer, Luggage Transfer, Luggage Sherpa Services, and Luggage Schlepping?

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Contact Information:

-Via the information box below

- Facebook page 

- (814) 279-5333 (CELL-text or call)

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